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The following classes are held in English:

Mindful Yoga Sun 16:30 with Theresa

Yin Restorative Mon 19.30 with Kathleen (start 16 March)

Yoga Flow Fri 11:30 with Susanna

(We might be able to translate other classes as well, but other classes are primarily held inSwedish. You may be able to follow well anyway if you are familiar with the techniques.)

Come Yoga with us!

Uppsala Yogaskola is one of Sweden’s first yoga schools and was founded by swami Nirvi after she studied yoga at Bihar school in Mungir, India. We’ve been based in Uppsala since 1981 and have held thousands of traditional Indian yoga classes.

At Uppsala Yogaskola we want you to find the core of Yoga. “Yoga is a state of mind where you don’t miss anyone, don’t want to be anywhere else and don’t want to be anyone else”, as Karmaroopa likes to describe it. It’s a state of deep satisfaction, stillness and presence. It’s a unique experience where your mind, body and spirit come into balance and gets you closer to your best version and compassion towards yourself and others.

We strive to be a place where you can grow, flourish and get the tools you need to be who you’re meant to be. The ancient practice of Yoga helps us face the challenges that arise in this high paced environment and help us make better decisions throughout our day.

Everything you need is available here in our studio, you just need to show up as you are. We take up to 20 people at a time so everyone has the space and freedom to practice at their own pace.

Our classes contain four main pillars:

  • Asanas, the physical part of yoga with yoga poses that synchronize with your breath. It’s light and easy to begin with and warms you up for meditation. Yogis have studied how different yoga poses affect your body, organs, hormones, muscles and energy levels.
  • Pranayama, breathwork with the intention of expanding prana life force. We begin by observing the natural flow of our breath to tune in to how we’re feeling. We let thoughts and emotions arise with neither judgment nor attachment, and focus on the natural flow of our breath to tune in to our body and notice how we’re feeling. Once you are comfortable and in tune with your own breathing pace, you start to learn other breathing techniques.
  • Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation and method for daily awareness where the teacher guids you through a number of techniques for physical, emotional and mental relaxation. You reach a state where your body falls asleep but mind stays awake. This state goes beyond all expectations, roles and masks you may have in your daily life and you get in tune with your inner voice and intentions (your sankalpa), which guides you to be what you are meant to be.
  • Meditation, all the previous steps have prepared us for this, where we feel total presence and are aware of our connectedness and one with all. In Satyananda yoga we teach several ancient well known meditation techniques which are taught in several steps; ajapa japa, antar mouna, maitri/metta, trataka to name a few.

Do I need to attend a full course or can I come a one off lesson?

You are always welcome to come one or a few classes, as per your schedule. Even though our classes are built on each other, it is usually easy to follow. Please book our class before hand in the booking system (English version is available).

Before and after our classes we serve tea in our tea room where you can meet like-minded people, exchange experiences or maybe just sit in stillness.

Besides traditional yoga, we offer ayurvedic treatments, massage, gong, liberating dance, dance meditation kirtan, lectures and workshops. If you see something interesting and would like to join, you can always drop an email to see if we can arrange for English translation for you.


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